Demo 2011


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Recorded September 2011 @ Endless Tinnitus
Oslo City Hardcore


released September 17, 2011

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GIANT Oslo, Norway

Fobba - Vocals
Gus - Guitar
Petter - Guitar
Eirik - Bass
Anders - Drums

Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks

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Track Name: Intro/ Douche Chills

Yo Giant!

Douche Chills:
Everytime I see you around it's always the same
You are always complaining and it's so fucking lame
I'm sick and tired of listening to all the shit that you hate
You've gotta lose that attitude before it's too late

You gotta stop hating, start appreciating
You're life is pretty sweet so quit being a bitch
Your spoiled ass needs to realize that no one fucking cares
And that life ain't always fair so fucking get over it

I try so hard but I just cannot make you see
I guess it's just the way you're always gonna be
A stupid fool
Track Name: Do The Right Thing
Do The Right Thing
Who are you to tell me what is wrong and what is right?
Man, I refuse to listen to your stupid advice
I'll decide for myself how I'm gonna live my life
And if you don't like it then get the fuck outta sight

I've gotta do what's right. Do the right thing, I'll never give in.

I try to be my best, use my full potential
Actions based on values, I do the right thing
When I commit to something I will give it my all
Don't need to pay no mind to you
I keep my eyes on the gold
Track Name: Choose The Wrench/ Gym Ratz
Choose the wrench:
Even when I was a little kid
I always went all out no matter what I did
Won't waste my life fuckin being afraid
So I just close my eyes and take a leap of faith

And that's the way it is
And that's the way it's gotta be
Cuz if it wasn't then it wouldn't be me

Backside kickflips down sets of stairs
Might not make it, but I don't care
If I break my legs or fuckin land on my eye
At least I'll say I fuckin gave it a try

Gym Ratz:
I'm a fuckin gym rat and that is a fact
Hit the gym eight days a week, man, gotta love that.
Tryin to live healthy, gotta stay in shape
Cuz to survive in this world you'll need to carry some weight

Bench presses for breakfast and deadlifts for lunch
Squats, dips and push-ups, man, I do a whole bunch
And 80 years from now when everyone else is dead
You'll still find me in the gym rockin out to straight ahead

Gym Rats!
Track Name: Me And My Friends
Me And My Friends
Me and my friends always stick together
Through thick and thin, no matter the odds
They can rely on me and I rely on them
Cuz that what it means to fuckin be a friend

Reminiscing about those days
We stayed up late playing video games
Terrorizing the neighbourhood
Crazy Kids up to no good
All grown up, but still the same crew
And we're still sticking together like glue
These bonds of friendship will never break
So do your worst, World, if you think you've got what it takes